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iBox Support can be found using the following options:

iBox Support Forum: support.iboxprinters.com

Files and other downloads: files.iboxprinters.com

Online Documentation:

iBox Nano:

-Quick Install Guide (view)

-User Guide (view)

General Comments:

Please realize that the iBox Nano and other 3D printers are not toys. You can not unbox them and add a few AAA batteries and instantly start printing . You will need to read the user guide and learn the specifics for the 3D printing technology you have purchased. This is more of a journey than a destination. We have gone to great lengths to reduce the time and effort it takes to get from the unboxing stage to the first successful print but please realize that 3D printing albeit very cool and useful is also a complex endeavor.

Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible an we would like to get your constructive feedback if you have any recommendations to make the process easier or more intuitive. If you have any suggestions please voice them on our support forum: [support.iboxprinters.com]

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